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Learn how to increase your revenue & grow your company serving 50+ customers in your community.

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“Moving Forward Means Thinking Differently.

The success you can have in the Longevity Economy will require purposeful action."

- Mark Hager

Who Am I?

Some people call me a thought leader; some a strategic advisor, coach, teacher or industry expert. But, the more important question is, "What do I know?"

I know a great deal about the Longevity Economy, Baby Boomer consumers and aging in place. I've been in this space helping business owners and consumers alike for over 12 years.

I know that there is a ton of money to be made serving consumers over the age of 50 in every community across the U.S.

And, I know how to help you leverage this opportunity for yourself; to create just the right circumstances in your company that will lead to more revenue and sustainable growth for your business.

To get you in the situation where you are able to better accomplish the goals you have for your company, your life and legacy.

Get the support you need to learn, plan and profit in the Longevity Economy.

Are you unclear about where your company fits into the Longevity Economy? Do you have questions about how to get new 50+ customers or what your next steps should be?

The answers are waiting for you.

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